The Board of Directors sets the AOW´s policies and ensures that the organization stays on course to unite the animal osteopathic community and promotes the advancement of the profession.

AOW Board

Our Board members include animal osteopaths and other skills-appointed Directors.


Stuart McGregor, Animal Osteopath, DO United Kingdom

Stuart McGregor has been training osteopaths in animal osteopathy since 1986. He divides his time between his private osteopathic practice for  equines and canines and teaching animal osteopathy at Osteopathic Centre for Animals, UK, and London College of Osteopathy, Canada.


Rachel Pechek, Animal Osteopath, OMT, Canada

Rachel runs a busy animal osteopathy practice in Ontario, Canada treating both equines and canines, with a special interest in equine therapeutics and its cognitive relationship to equine training. She also enjoys teaching and has developed online courses in equine and canine osteopathy. 


Alexandra Kaufman, MA, BCTMB, CMT, IMT.C United States

In private practice for 26 years, Alexandra treats animals and humans at her ‘Quantum  Therapeutics’ clinic in Aptos, CA. Osteopathic Motility Balancing (OMB) is Alexandra’s own trademarked, gentle, non-invasive approach to promote the body’s natural healing applicable to both animals and humans.


Rachel Mahoney, DO, Animal Osteopath,

Rachel is a registered osteopath and shares her time between human and animal osteopathic practice. She is the founder of the Balanced Dog website, dedicated to educating dog owners about health conditions afflicting canines, available treatments, and medical advice on keeping pets agile and healthy.