Yes, your canine osteopathy patient could be in pain.

By Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD, MPH, CPH Introduction Recognizing signs of pain in dogs, especially in your canine osteopathic patients, is invaluable. Signs may manifest only at home, at home and in the office, or only in the office during treatment. It is of the utmost importance to recognize when your patient hurts. Acknowledging areas of […]

Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

By Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD, MPH, CPH IVDD in dogs, what is it? Intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD, is one of the most common spinal disorders seen in canine patients. These patients will commonly present with back or neck pain on physical exam. However, often owners do not actually appreciate this pain. Instead, owners see the […]

Recognizing Canine Communication

Staying safe while practicing canine osteopathy. Understanding canine behaviour and communication cues is critical to ensure successful treatment outcomes in canine osteopathy. Osteopathy treatment addresses a wide variety of ailments.