Alexandra Kaufman, MA, BCTMB, CMT, IMT.C

United States of America


Canadian School of Osteopathy, BC, Canada; London College of Animal Osteopathy, ON, Canada

Special Interests

Small Animal Osteopathic Therapy (canine and feline) 

In private practice for 26 years, Alexandra treats animals and humans at her QuantumTherapeutics clinic in Aptos, CA. She applies cutting-edge osteopathic methods to her assessments and treatments with gentle and present care. Mobility, vitality, and functionality are restored to patients suffering from acute or chronic injuries or ailments. Physical impediments are removed, and freedom from pain and restriction are restored. Her clinic treats musculoskeletal, visceral/organ, cranial, and sports injuries. Alexandra seeks to treat the cause of the patients’ problem, not just the symptom. 

The Motility Balancing Method (MBM) is Alexandra’s own trademarked, gentle, non-invasive approach to promote the body’s natural healing applicable to both animals and humans.

The MBM treatment aims to:

  • Restore spinal and tail movement
  • Restore general mobility & vitality
  • Support organ recovery
  • Treat cranium imbalances
  • Treat paw and limb problems
  • Treat neck problems
  • Pre and post surgical recovery
  • Treat jaw problems