Alexandra Kaufman


  • Country

    United States of America

  • Business name

    Quantum Osteopathy clinic

  • Practice area

    Northern California

  • About

    In private practice for nearly 30 years, Alexandra treats both animals and humans at her Quantum Osteopathy clinic in Aptos California as a non-physician osteopathic practitioner and animal osteopath. She applies both cutting-edge and traditional osteopathic methods in her assessments and treatments of living tissue. The goal is to restore mobility, vitality, and functionality to patients suffering from acute or chronic injuries or ailments. Freedom from pain and restriction can be restored when physical impediments are removed allowing the body’s inherent intelligence to restore health. Alexandra’s clinic treats musculoskeletal, cranial, visceral/organ, and sports injuries. She seeks to treat the underlying cause of the patient’s problem, not just symptoms. Alexandra is an instructor for the London College of Animal Osteopathy (LCAO).

  • Additional skills

    Alexandra is also an instructor for Craniosacral Therapy at Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz California. Additionally, she teaches women’s health techniques within the community and instructs in lymphatics release classes with her colleagues. Dynamic Motility Balancing (DBM) is Alexandra’s trademarked, gentle, non-invasive approach to promoting the body’s natural healing, applicable to animals and humans. For animals, a DBM treatment aims to restore spine and tail movement, general mobility & vitality, support organ recovery, treat cranium imbalances, treat paw, limb, and neck problems, and both pre-and post-surgical rehabilitation.