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    Bianca’s Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting

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    Bianca Steinmetz, the owner of Bianca’s Dog Training & Behavioural Consulting, has made it her mission to strengthen relationships between dogs and their guardians through science-based humane dog training. Steinmetz, who worked at a doggy daycare before owning a dog walking service, decided to get the education and credentials needed to become a humane dog trainer, which led her to open Bianca’s Dog Training & Behavioural Consulting. It has been over a decade since Steinmetz’s training journey began, and her journey continues with the latest success of receiving the BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation.


    Born and raised in Germany, Steinmetz grew up with German shepherds, but it was her own dog Luna, a border collie Labrador mix, who sparked her interest in dog training. Steinmetz says, “Luna was a patient teacher. We started learning from each other by observing, and as time went on, we developed a language that was ours.” That relationship cemented Steinmetz’s passion for making an impact on the way humans and dogs interact. Steinmetz says, “If we can admire our dogs for who they are and treat them with respect, if we can see the connection with our dogs as relationships vs. ownership, then we can start to understand each other’s language and begin to bond and work with each other.”

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    Canine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)