Charlotte Luxford

Equine Bodyworker, EEBW

  • Country

    New Zealand

  • Business name

    Hutt Valley & Wairarapa Equine Bodywork

  • Practice area

    Hutt Valley & South Wairarapa

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  • About

    I’m an insured and qualified Equinology® Equine Bodyworker (EEBW) providing massage therapy for horses in Upper Hutt and South Wairarapa, New Zealand. I use a combination of massage techniques to provide optimal support for horses working in every discipline, including * sports massage * soft-tissue mobilization * stretching, range of motion and positioning exercises * muscle activation techniques * focal point work (stress and trigger points) * myofascial release (MFR) * Atlas Equine Massage

  • Additional skills

    I’m a certified Animal Reiki Master.

  • Academic standing LCAO

    Equine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)