• Country

    United Kindom

  • Business name

    Chris Bates Wellness

  • Practice area

    Surrey, TW20 9QP, South East

  • About

    I have masters degree in Osteopathic medicine and currently completing my Diploma in Animal Osteopathy. I am a qualified riding instructor, horse trainer and stable manager with the British horse society (BHS) and completed my initial professional equine diploma at Merrist Wood College in Guildford. I am a qualified Equine BodyWorker and hold various other certifications including sports massage and craniosacral therapy.

  • Additional skills

    I am dedicated to ethical horse training methods and spent many years training and teaching natural horsemanship and classical dressage alongside other equine sports. I have competed in various equine disciplines including carriage driving. Outside of work I enjoy dancing and am even a former prize-winning professional dancer.

  • Academic standing LCAO

    Equine & Canine Osteopathy