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    Bryanstown Stables

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    Bryanstown is an equine livery and rehabilitation yard, nestled in the beautiful countryside of Kildare, Ireland. As a region known for its many studs, I offer specialized care for horses of all ages and backgrounds. My focus lies in senior horse care, endocrine and metabolic conditions, and behavioral training, all delivered with an approach that takes into consideration the whole horse.
    Whether owners are looking for a peaceful retirement home for their geriatric equine companion, or seeking support for a horse with specific medical or behavioral needs, I believe that every angle counts when it comes to the health and well-being of our equine companions.


    From their health history and current status to nutrition, behaviors, and musculoskeletal health, we take a holistic approach to every aspect of our training and care. I work closely with each horse and owner to tailor a program that meets their unique needs and goals.


    I strive to create a warm, nurturing environment where horses can thrive, and owners can feel confident in their beloved animals’ care.

  • Additional skills

    Veterinary Herbal Medicine, Animal Self-Medication, Ethology, Re-wilding, app development for animal care, TB testing.

  • Academic standing LCAO

    Equine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)