De Coster Philippe, DO

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    Brabant-Wallon, 1320

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    In both human and animal practice, the osteopath will look for the cause of the complaints. Often, the source of the problem is not to be found where the pain is. Starting from a focused plan, an osteopathic manual approach, and specific advice, the therapist treats the problems of humans/animals and explains how to avoid them in the future.


    The pattern of problems that brought the system out of balance is addressed through osteopathic manual treatment. Do you have persistent complaints? Does your animal have complaints, or do you or your animal want to avoid these complaints? Then Osteophilhorse is the right place for you.


    Working alongside professionals in the industry, Rachel is regularly faced with cases that show the deep interconnectivity of the body. She is currently developing a series of post-treatment exercises for owners and riders aimed at recalibrating the nervous system following osteopathic treatment of chronic dysfunctional patterns. Her goal is to aid in retraining engrained movement patterns after chronic misuse of the locomotor system. This will result in animals being able to move in a healthier, more sustainable way.

  • Additional skills

    Specialized in the osteopathic treatment of horses and riders, I also treat dogs and humans of all ages.