Dr. Rachel Mahoney, DO



M. Osteopathy, PGCertHS (Sports Medicine), Dip Animal Osteopathy, BAppSci (Human Biology), CCRP (current), OCA UK


Rachel is the founder and owner of The Balanced Dog, an educational website for dog owners.

After fifteen years of treating people, Rachel realized her passion for dogs and wanted to incorporate this into her career. Rachel furthered her training in Animal Osteopathy and Canine Rehabilitation and is now helping humans and their furry friends.

Rachel’s goal is to provide both treatment and education/rehabilitation for dog owners. She is a partner in Animal Wellness and Performance Clinic in n the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.

In 2021 Rachel was invited by the London College of Animal Osteopathy to lead the hands-on training classes where students are able to hone their skills in osteopathic assessment and treatment of dogs of different breeds and ages.