Ella Halliday

Horse Trainer

  • Country

    United States of America

  • Business name

    Emerald Equine

  • Practice area


  • About

    I work in Santa Cruz California with Lori Halliday, my mother, business partner, and wise horsewoman. Our programs are a space where one learns deeply about oneself by giving back autonomy to horses. We utilize equine psychology, biomechanics, herd dynamics, body language, and refined energetics to understand when and what a horse is saying yes or no to. We take time on the ground, finding embodied movement, and understanding how to build the spirit and the musculoskeletal system to be able to carry a relationship and or a rider with health and trust.

  • Additional skills

    Fascinated by movement, music, the natural world around us, and the intersections of magic and science.

  • Academic standing LCAO

    Equine & Canine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)