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    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Estelle Motta.

    The Canadian Breeder of the Year Award was created to recognize Canadian breeders who have displayed incredible dedication to the Canadian equestrian industry through efforts to improve the quality and enhance the reputation of Canadian-bred horses.


    Estelle Motta of Mirabel, QC, earned the distinction of 2018 Canadian Breeder of the Year through the incredible accomplishment of selling her home-bred five-year-old Oldenburg stallion, Total Star (Totilas x Donner Bube), to Dutch Olympian, Edward Gal.


    Estelle established Stella Rossa Dressage in 2007 and spent the following years carefully studying bloodlines, taking breeding courses with the German Oldenburg Verband (GOV), and cultivating a herd of premium broodmares. As a result of her total dedication and careful planning, Stella Rossa Dressage foals are highly prized and advertise the high quality of sport horses that Canadian breeders can offer. Almost all of the 21 foals born at Stella Rossa Dressage have been awarded the title of Premium Foal, Elite Foal, Foal of Distinction, or Stallion Prospect by the GOV, and three of her homegrown horses are now GOV-approved stallions.


    To cap off her incredible record, Estelle successfully sold Total Star to Edward Gal, who has been sourcing descendants of his legendary mount, Totilas. Total Star was the first son of Totilas to be born in Quebec, as well as to obtain GOV licensing in North America. Estelle took charge of fate when she presented the liver chestnut to Gal at a spring 2018 dressage clinic in California. Several months later, the sale was final and history was made: a Canadian-bred horse had been sold to an Olympian based in Europe, the epicenter of sport horse breeding, for the first time.


    With the sale of Total Star, Estelle single-handedly advanced the reputation of the breeding industry both in Quebec and Canada at large. And by increasing the pool of top-quality foals available to the North American market, she is helping to exponentially improve the state of dressage in Canada.Equestrian Canada is thrilled to recognize Estelle for the historic sale of Total Star and is proud to acknowledge her through the 2018 Canadian Breeder of the Year Award as an outstanding breeder and asset to the Canadian equestrian community.

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    I am the owner/creator of the company of complete feeds for horses of the Stella brand which are without sugars, corn, or preservatives, and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

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    Equine & Canine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)