Sharon Bradley

  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Business name

    One Spirit Complementary Animal Therapies

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  • About

    I am the founder of One Spirit Complementary Therapies & a member of IAAT. I am a qualified registered practitioner of small animal & canine Acupressure as well as Whole Energy Bodywork having trained with Australian Holistic Vet Dr Edward Bassingthwaight. To further support what I can offer I am certified in Photobiomodulation Therapy as well as Advanced Holistic Herbalism. One Spirit has evolved considerably over the years through further training to ensure a can offer a fully complemented approach.

  • Additional skills

    I have 4 dogs of my own, 3 Shepherds and a Collie. Never intended to have 4 but 3 are rescues and seem to find their way in my life. As a household, we do a lot of off-grid camping, kayaking which my Collie joins us on, and many adventures out in the countryside.

  • Academic standing LCAO

    Equine & Canine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)