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    4 Paws Motion

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    Hi, I’m Veronique Guit.

    I was born in the big city of Haarlem, but have been living in the beautiful province of North Brabant for 11 years now.
    I have been professionally active in the animal world for 16 years. From working in a pet shop to a sniffer dog handler at Schiphol, a walking service and my successful company K9 STES. You can’t say it so crazy or I have experience in it. Still, I was missing something in my work. Namely the medical aspect, so I started to educate myself on this.
    In those 16 years, I have learned a lot about animals, both in theory and in practice.

    My hobbies are canicross, stepping, canitrail, hiking, reading and being creative. I can often be found in the woods or on the heath. When I really want to recharge I drive to the beach for a breath of fresh air through my life.

    Why did I set up 4 Paws Motion?
    As a fanatical athlete with dogs, I know that sport is not only good for you but you can get injured by exercising incorrectly, exercising too much, or not exercising enough. I’ve always been curious about the function of all the bodily processes that make us do what we do. What I really wanted to learn was how this works in animals, especially dogs and horses. That’s why I started to delve into it through education and courses. From massage to behavioral counseling I find it all just as interesting. I am now a certified masseur for dogs and people and I am a certified holistic therapist for animals and people.


    With 4 Paws Motion, I want to use my knowledge and experience to support dogs and their owners in the right balance between health, exercise, and relaxation.
    I work in a holistic way, which means that I look at the whole and not just at the complaint or symptom.
    If you are looking for help or guidance in the field of health, exercise, or relaxation for your dog and yourself, then 4 Paws Motion is the right address for you and your dog.


    I work exclusively with natural resources and in a positive method. At 4 Paws Motion, there is no such thing as a mercury fix or a sacred drug. It is precisely the combination of nutrition, therapy, hard work, and a sober view of the imbalance.

    Do you want to know more about me? Or do you want to know if I can do something for you and your dog, then make an appointment, over a cup of coffee or tea I will explain the working method and start the form of therapy that suits you and your dog.

    I always say: no person is the same, why should this be the case for our dogs?

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    Equine & Canine Osteopathy (Student LCAO)