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  • Business name

    Vickie Horse Therapy

  • Practice area

    Southern Alberta

  • About

    Vickie is a Human Osteopathic Manual Therapist and International Equine Osteopath specializing in advanced manual therapy techniques to improve large and small pet health. Vickie uses her hands, experience, and extensive education to gently restore a body to a balanced homeostasis.


    She is focused on building specialized knowledge in organ mobility, craniosacral, fascia line bio-tensegrity, and trauma release. She also possesses extensive practical experience with equine and canine necropsies. As a result, the feel of the layers of tissue is imprinted into her. Vickie’s understanding, dedication, and passion have made a difference for horses, furry pets, and owners.

  • Additional skills

    Vickie developed a Keam Trauma Method, a system of manipulative techniques aimed to release emotional and physical trauma in horses. She also gets together with several other equine professionals weekly; their goal is to evolve their knowledge and skills. Vickie enjoys traveling in her incredible country, enjoying nature, and riding her horses.