Vickie Keam, Animal Osteopath



OMT, DOMP LCO, Spectrum Canine Therapy, USA; Diploma Animal Osteopathy, London College of Animal Osteopathy.


Equine & Canine Holistic Therapies


A system of manipulative techniques developed by Vickie aimed to release emotional and physical trauma in horses.

Vickie Keam is a Human Osteopathic Manual Therapist specializing in advanced manual therapy techniques to improve large and small pet health. Vickie uses her hands, experience, and extensive education to help gently restore balance and motion in animals.

As a therapist, she is focused on building specialized knowledge in organ mobility, craniosacral, fascia line bio-tensegrity, and trauma release. Vickie has attended international studies for multiple species. She also possesses extensive practical experience with equine necropsies. As a result, the feel of the layers of tissue is imprinted into her. Vickie’s understanding, dedication, and passion have genuinely made a difference for horses, furry pets, and owners.

Vickie talks about her work.

”Helping Animals is a passion for me.  This is why I spend so much of my personal time upgrading and reviewing ways to help. The Keam Trauma Method was inspired by my own horse Jade because she was living in a survival response.  Jade has been one of my toughest cases to date.  After being treated, she is now able to walk by tarps flapping in the wind and not overreact. When I do manage to pull myself away from learning, I enjoy traveling in this incredible country of mine, nature, riding my own horses, and photography.”