What is Animal Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy?

By Prof. Stuart McGregor, DO, Animal Osteopath, Director of Clinical Studies at London College of Animal Osteopathy (LCAO)


Osteopathy is an established, recognized system of diagnosis and treatment that lays its main emphasis on the structural integrity of the body. It is distinctive in the fact that it recognizes much of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body structure as well as damage caused to it by disease.

Osteopathy uses many of the diagnostic procedures used in conventional medicine assessment and diagnosis. Its main strength, however, lies in the unique way the patient is assessed from a mechanical, functional, and postural standpoint and the manual methods of treatment applied to suit the needs of the individual patient.

What will I do as an animal osteopath?

An animal osteopath treats animals using natural manual therapy techniques. Most animal osteopaths treat horses and dogs, also seeing other companion animals also such as cats and rabbits. Some specialist animal osteopaths treat farm animals, exotic, and zoo animals.

Most of the things that osteopaths treat are physical and structural conditions, helping to relieve pain and discomfort, often involving rehabilitation after injury. Osteopaths are very adept at finding and treating the causes of pain and discomfort.

Many animals that perform sport or rigorous physical exercise, such as racehorses, show jumping horses and ponies, and working dogs, benefit from a visit by an animal osteopath. Many performance horses and dogs are also helped in their preparation for racing or competition.

Communication is important, as it is frequently necessary to communicate with veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals. Animal osteopaths commonly work alongside vets.

Osteopathy for animals is becoming very popular among animal trainers and owners. It is a fast-growing profession.

What is Osteopathic Articular Balancing?

Osteopathic Articular Balancing (OAB) is a branch of osteopathy involving the gentle manipulation and mobilization of joints and muscles. It is a structural approach to osteopathic diagnosis and treatment.

It includes articulation and mobilization of all joints of the body including the legs, shoulders, hips, neck, back, and pelvis. Body Adjustment helps reduce stiffness in muscles and joints and helps maintain flexibility. It helps to improve blood supply and drainage from all tissues and helps maintain nerve supply from the vertebral joints. It can be used both before and after exercise. OBA helps promote physical health, improving performance and helping to reduce the incidence of injury.

Based on sound principles of biomechanics, it forms a strong foundation for a treatment and rehabilitation program.


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